Welcome doggies program


There are important information to know before to stay with your dog in our Hotel & Spa:


  • The presence of a dog must be communicated to the hotel at the time of booking
  • The possibility of welcoming your dog depends on the availability of the rooms assigned to the Doggie Welcome Program
  • Additional charge of $35 for the stay will apply to accommodate a dog
  • A pre-authorization of $500 will be taken from your credit card as a security
  • A maximum of one dog per room is allowed
  • The dog should never be alone in the room
  • Only dogs are allowed
  • Only dogs well behaved, trained and controlled by their master are allowed
  • The dog must be kept on a leash outside the room
  • Dogs are not allowed at the reception, in the café and in the spa (except for guide dogs)
  • The master is the one and only responsible for the cleanliness of the premises throughout the hotel, during and after the stay
  • The master will be held responsible and will be charged for any damage caused by the dog
  • Litter should not be flushed down the toilet
  • If the hotel receives complaints from customers about noise or an attitude problem with the dog and the hotel needs to compensate, you will be automatically billed for this
  • The room must be available at all times for inspection
  • The Littoral is in no way responsible for the losses, illnesses and damages that the dog may have suffered
  • In the event of an incident with the dog of which another hotel guest is the victim, the client will assume all financial and moral responsibility
  • The customer agrees to indemnify and discharge the hotel, its owners and managers from all liability for any damage caused by their animal. The hotel reserves the right to legally sue the owner of the animal.


Failure to follow any of these policies will result in a charge of $150. In the event of breakage or compensation following complaints, additional costs will be charged accordingly.